Procurement Services

The Cooperative's competitive RFP process optimizes the savings and opportunities available to the members. The program has strengthened each member purchasing power by tapping the experience and expertise of many of the best procurement experts in the country. The member may access eProcurement tools for their purchasing processing.

Group 1 - Cost Savings for Quick Bids (Volume Purchasing)

Each end user may make a "Quick Bid" purchase based upon their respective procurement policies and procedures. The eProcurement tools we utilizes make it user friendly for our members. This may include group purchasing which reduce your Cost Savings to your organization. Approved vendors may offer a deep discount from listed price in accordance to each independent vendor respective policy and procedure. The end user (agency/organization) may place orders by telephone, or online utilizing the price structure of the vendor. Click here for a sample of a discount structure.

Group 2 - Cost Savings for RFPs/RFQs

The Group 2-Cost Savings for RFPs / RFQs (bids) requirements shall be based upon two type of activities (National and Participate Purchasing).

National Purchasing –The end user may utilize the Cooperative Group 2 process to start and complete each preference RFQ / RFQ. The Cooperative Procurement Committee shall evaluate, post and award each bid activity in accordance to the Cooperative procurement policy. The Cooperative Procurement Committee are independent members selected by the members. The procurement awards are certified by the Cooperative Procurement Committee. The open bids may be found on this website located on the "Active Bid Posting" link. The completed award would be a certified Award as a competitive Request for Proposal/Request for Quote (RFP/RFQ) standard. Most of the National Awards are developed based upon annual projections of the interested members. Click here for the Request for Proposal (RFP) process.

Participate Purchasing - This is design for specific (RFP / RFQ) pricing uploaded from the interested member. These pricing from selected vendors usually have very deep discounts creating major cost savings for the member. Each member may utilize their own in-house procurement process to capture the Cooperative deep discount cost savings.

Professional Development

Procurement Compliance and Diversity certification goals of procurement professionals is a vital activity for organizations all over the country as they watch every dollar and look to maximize value, which well-trained professionals are better equipped to do. Procurement Compliance and adequate Diversity certification can also provide an edge toward meeting mandating government standards. As a Cooperative member, your agency/organization enjoys special member-only discounts offered to registrants. Let us know if you would like more information on this service.

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