RFP Process

Request for Proposal (RFP) Process

The first step is for GAP Network to communicate with members and gather information on the needs that are in common. After determining the product or service category the member may post the RFP on the GAP Network bid board.  The responses and time frame of awards are established by each respective member.  The RFP is established with specific terms, conditions and requirements.

  1. The solicitation is posted and advertised and posted to the website of GAP Network Current Bid Solicitation button.
  2. All bids are solicited on behalf of all current and qualified members in all fifty states and potentially Canada.
  3. All bids are posted on the GAP Network website under “Active Bid Posting.”
  4. Bids are received and opened at a public bid opening and there is a determination of responsiveness before the bid is accepted or rejected.
  5. Accepted bids are then reviewed, using a value point evaluation process, rated and tabulated by the bid review committee.
  6. The award is established by the committee and recommended to the GAP Network Board of Directors.
  7. The award is made by the GAP Network Board of Directors at a publicly advertised meeting.
  8. Acceptance forms are signed and the operating agreement is established.

At this point the marketing begins by both the vendor and GAP Network to current and qualified members.