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"Team Cooperative Council that meets Cost Savings, Diversity Compliance and Benefits"

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Some words about us

A member owned and controlled coalition, serving all affiliate Cooperatives. The GLOBAL Alliance Procurement Network Council (GAP Network) establishes and provides nationally leveraged and competitively solicited purchasing contracts in cooperation with each independent state statute.

The Objective

The objective of the GAP Network is to maintain and host a national diversity procurement cooperative that would include diversity in accordance to independent policies and government statues that would be a Coat Savings for the member. Our goal is to provide our members with requested programs and services created, coordinated and delivered through a cooperative effort between all participating members. Our purpose therefore is to serve our membership by:
  1. Acquiring and providing procurement opportunities for goods and services needed by GAP Network Members,
  2. To implement procurement compliance that would include certified diversity vendors.
  3. To bring the benefits of national volume pricing to GAP Network Members and
  4. To satisfy as many of the competitive bidding requirements of GAP Network and GAP Network Members as possible.
  5. To utilize the affiliate eProcurement tools to bridge the certified diversity businesses.

Our Commitment

The GAP Network is committed to serving you, our members and customers. We offer a quality, measurable and cost-effective procurement solution, by taking our members' common needs, researching the industry and returning the opportunity to purchase through national contracts. We offer the very best products and services at the lowest possible prices by creating an alliance between buyers and suppliers connecting with diversity business enterprises. A unified procurement alliance makes it important that we work together in order to create and develop a procurement solution.


To meet the needs of our members by providing valued solutions that are respected by our suppliers.


Creating an alliance between buyers and suppliers connecting with diversity business enterprises

  • Professional Service

    At GAP Network, we thoroughly screen and carefully select our vendors before joining our team. GAP Network professionals set the standard for others to follow.  Our professionals work within local and state policies and procedures.  Each professional is extensively trained to handle a number of crisis situations and constantly operate with the highest degree of professionalism.

  • Accountability

    Measuring our results accordance to required policies based upon our objectives.

  • Compliance

    The coalition of Cooperatives are required to meet federal and state policy regulations.
  • Balance

    We engage in procurement activities that include all vendors in our database the equal opportunity to participate in all bids not limited to diversity ventors.

Our Professional Team

Certified and Trained Professionals

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