Compliance Guideline

 Is there a need for your Company to outsource the Small Business Liaison Officer (SBLO) or the Alternate SBLO department or unit?

10 point Compliance guideline for U.S Small Business Administration (SBA)

  1. Need assessment & develop (or enhancing) your subcontracting plan.

  2. Manage your subcontracting listing which may include 8a, SB, SDB, WOSB, HUB Zone SB, VOSB, and SD-VOSBs.

  3. Develop and / or maintain a five year trend analysis.

  4. Training-In house on Diversity for your department or staff.  Develop a unique incentive plan for utilizing of a small business.

  5. Outreach program – identify, schedule and participate in local Diversity tradeshows.  Tracking new Diversity vendors shall be an integral part of this program.

    • Develop a mentor-protégé program.

    • Working relationship with more 8a firms.

    • Describe, schedule, and implement new Diversity workshops.

  1. Develop written policies and procedures providing guidance on small business utilization.

  2. Develop and track Diversity Success Stories.

  3. Develop subcontracting plan goal analysis

  4. SBA rating review and recommendations – It is our goal to navigate your Company to an Outstanding Rating with the SBA.

  5. Implementing compliance with direct & indirect cost percentages.

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